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Make your savings last a lifetime

Phillip Allen can help you plan to meet those challenges. He can show you how to protect your savings, and how to arrange income for a lifetime.

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Phillip Allen’s Greenville South Carolina based team can help you plan a comfortable retirement.

Retirement brings a major financial transition. There are so many things to take care of, and so much knowledge to acquire. That is why it is important to find the right retirement advisor – a professional who can give you the time, care and insight you need.

Many retirees and pre-retirees are referred to Phillip Allen. Having 30 years of financial experience, he knows the steps that can make a retirement transition easier. Phillip can also show you the financial adjustments you can make to live well while minimizing your risk. Without the right financial knowledge, you may end up living a life of “quiet desperation”, instead of celebrating retirement. Phillip wants the best for you and he will act to simplify financial matters so you can plan to live well and live confidently.

Phillip Allen helps hard-working people and their families manage financial retirement transitions. With guidance, wisdom and a welcoming way, he assists his clients to overcome financial planning obstacles so they can pursue their greatest goals and settle down to the lifestyles they enjoy.

People from all over the Carolina’s have benefitted from Phillip’s “Common Sense Retirement Planning” broadcasted weekly on WORD News Radio, co-hosted with fellow Financial Advisor, Tony Dale. If you are retired or thinking about retirement, you should give Phillip a call!


On Saturdays from 11am-noon, tune into News Radio 106.3FM WORD to hear Phillip and co-host Tony Dale on their show Common Sense Retirement Planning. Listen as they discuss financial topics related to retirement. Call in and ask Phillip a financial question.

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An advisor of character who can help you plan to make your money last

A focus on
tax-efficient investing

Your after-tax return matters most. Phillip understands that reality, and he favors investments that allow his clients to keep more, while the government keeps less. There comes a point in life where you need to invest in a risk-averse way. For many people, that point is retirement. The good news is, you can arrange your portfolio so that you can benefit from stock market gains, while shielding yourself from stock market losses. Ask Phillip how – he will tell you.

Award winning
client service

The best retirement planners create lasting relationships. Phillip stands by you as your financial steward during the length of your retirement, helping you to review and adjust your investment portfolio as needed. He will also advise you to manage risk, and reveal ways to defer and reduce income taxes, capital gains and estate taxes.

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Retirement Planning

Resources to help make
retirement easier

Quite often, there are business and legal matters that need to be addressed with retirement. It is a matter of finding the right resources. Phillip can help you locate them. He has relationships with legal and accounting specialists relevant to the issues you may be facing.

In fact, many pre-retirees and new retirees come to Phillip as a result of a referral. CPAs, attorneys and other professionals know he will advise their clients courteously and compassionately. He lives by the Golden Rule and centers his life and business in the Word. This is why he has become a trusted friend to many of his clients.

You may call or e-mail Phillip today. Ask Carolina’s Retirement Planning Specialist to provide you with personal financial care, insight and knowledge.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce the financial fear for our clients in retirement. With 45 years combined experience, Phillip Allen and Tony Dale have been working with friends and neighbors throughout the greater Greenville area to help meet their financial goals through the use of insurance and investment products.